We provide Precision water jet and abrasive jet Cutting services and we are committed to providing cost effective, reliable, long-term cutting and machining services.

HYDRO CUTTER provides Precision Water jet Cutting services to a wide array of industries and companies. We utilize the latest technologies, equipment and processes to cut materials that are difficult to machine or manufacture using traditional methods. Many of our customers have also realized the benefits of lower cost per piece and higher yield from stock due to nesting parts closer together minimizing waste. We also offer quicker turn-around from conception to delivery. The reason for this is simple, our machines do not require tooling and our software easily converts your DXF, AutoCad, CAD/CAM and IGES files to automatically control our equipment during the cutting process. We can even scan your drawings or line art and import into our control software to do the job.

  • HYDRO CUTTER proudly offers its services to the following industries, trades and companies.
  • Automotive, Aerospace, Medical and Science
  • Machine Shops, Fabricators, Welding and R&D
  • Commercial, Residential Contractors and Designers
  • OEM of parts and components
  • Artisans, Architectural and Decorative

We welcome any opportunity to test cut your product if you have a material that is unique or it’s characteristics are unknown. Water-jet and Abrasive-jet technology works on the principal of erosion and the process is accelerated using extremely high pressure pinpointed on an area. It’s “Amazing” what water will cut traveling at 1,700 MPH !

Below are a few examples of materials we cut.

Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Granite, Marble, Stone, Corian, Plastics, Composites, Glass, Rubber, Ceramics, Foam, Flooring, Titanium, Carbon Steel, Tiles, Linoleum, Wood, Inlays, Brick, Stainless Steel, and More…

Project and Ideas:

Advertising, Logos, Signs, Awards, Templates, Shims, Brackets, Plates, Obsolete Parts, Trade Show Props, Scroll Work, Automobile Parts, Name Plates, and More…